Foley Advisory offers business consultation to clients seeking strategic counsel in a range of areas.

  • Political & Strategic counsel
  • Government/business project conciliation
  • Personal counsel

Clients have access to an unrivalled understanding of all sides of the business and political world as well as opportunities to expand their corporate network.


Client Confidentiality is of the up-most importance and will be upheld at all times. Personal and business information will only be shared with a third party with the permission of the client. Foley Advisory is listed on the Australian Government Lobbyist Register but predominately works behind the scenes.


Foley Advisory accepts briefs from a wide range of clients including one-off projects. Based in Adelaide, Kevin specialises in State based projects but can cater to national and international clients where necessary.


Foley Advisory partners with like-minded consultancy firm Bespoke Approach to provide an enhanced service to clients. This partnership ensures high quality and bipartisan advice on a wider range of business issues.